5 Tips to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

5 Tips to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Finding a great deal on tickets or some cheap travel takes a bit of patience and knowing exactly where to look.  Finding the perfect deal involves some planning and you definitely want to do some comparison shopping.  If you want to grab the best deal possible then here are 5 tips to get cheap airline tickets.

Use the “Incognito Mode” on Your Browser

When you are looking online for some prices always do it in an incognito window, this keeps your browser from being tracked.  Airlines and travel agencies use cookies to trick you into thinking the prices have increased.  Once you search a site, then go back to it later the prices are higher.  This is supposed to encourage you to buy before the price climbs even higher.

Fly on the Cheap Days

Traveling on Fridays and Sundays is always more expensive because that’s when airlines are the busiest.  Most experts will tell you that Tuesdays or during the week are among the cheapest days to fly.  You can actually select the whole week or month on a travel site and it you can see the price differences for yourself.  Find the cheapest day of the week to fly out.  Here is why Tuesday is so cheap to fly.

Look for Last Minute Deals

Keep your eyes open for last minute deals, they are short sales and the prices may not be there tomorrow.  Sign up with one of the travel sites to get email or text alerts when there is a sale on.

Be Flexible

Stay open minded when it comes to destinations it gives you more options when it comes to getting a deal.  For example if you want to go to Europe for vacation it may be cheaper to fly to one of the smaller airports in Amsterdam rather than London or Paris.  You can often catch a train or bus to your original destination for far less than you would have paid for a direct flight.

Coupons and Promo Codes

The internet is filled with offers to help you save money and that includes airfare.  You can find discount codes that you can use for flights, hotel stay or rental cars while you travel.  Always read the fine print, even online that will let you know how and when you can take advantage of the discount.

Follow these 5 tips to get cheap airline tickets before you book your next flight, it could save you hundreds of dollars on tickets so you can book another trip!